The Forecast Today - Aadhavan Dheetchanya - Translated by V.Geetha

Until this minute no order has been passed that insists
Feet must wear caps and the head slippers.

The Honourable State in its mercy
Has allowed its citizens to let
Eyes be where they have always been
And ears where they always are.

After today’s cabinet meeting it shall be known
Whether one may continue to eat with one’s mouth. 
Just for a change and to ration available air supply
A plan that requires one of the nostrils to be stopped and shut 
Will come into force from 12 midnight. 

Citizens have been warned that they ought to support
All positive measures undertaken by the State – henceforth
And for the first time anywhere in the world – 
Buses shall run on railway tracks, trains on tarred roads,
Aeroplanes shall take off from harbours and ships from airports

The State which has relocated a lying-in clinic to a cemetery
Shall, step by step, implement its plan 
Of transforming the entire country into a graveyard. 

Since citizens follow their State’s dictates, 
It is expected that they will not allow 
Anything, and forever
To remain where it has always been. 

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